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nobody's home

I have moved! It's time for 00's or whatever we're calling this generation. Visit my new blog at:

Semi-True Story

See you soon. ;)

stand in the line just to hit a new low

I had to lay someone off today. Worst thing ever. It's better than being fired, since it's not merit based. But if you're good at your job, then why don't you have a job? It was especially sad since my office is so small and we're all friends. On the selfish side, it also means more work for the rest of us. But I'll take it for the sake of security. And because the Australia Fund is not full yet!

buenos dios, muchachos.

Justin and I had our first Spanish class last night, and our teacher is completely blind. It was pretty amazing! She gets around with a guide dog, and someone brought her a chair in the classroom, but otherwise she does everything by touch. She holds up various objects for us to name and even writes on the board. She's funny about it too - "I can't see at all, so please don't raise your hand or you'll be waving it all night." What's more is she's a native English speaker who learned Spanish in school then lived in Spain for a few years. Awesome, eh?

Meanwhile, Spanish is kinda hard. I mean, who has extra letters in their alphabet?!

easy company

I've watched about 7 hours of Band of Brothers this weekend. It never really appealed to me when it was first on, though I knew it was extremely good. Justin's into it but I thought it sounded like ten hours of boring TV. Alas, I was wrong. Far be it from me to doubt Spielberg and Hanks. This is so compelling and shocking and sad and crazy. I couldn't be in the army, not that they'd want me.

love in the library, once upon a time

I joined a travel book club on Meetup.com. Nerd Alert! No, it's actually awesome. I joined yesterday, bought the book last night and ready as much as I could before the meeting tonight. (Ever see the Cosby Show episode where Cliff doesn't read the book for Claire's book club? Don't want to be that guy!) The people were nice, especially two fun girls my age - one is helpfully named Shannon. There's also the requisite bore who loves to hear himself talk and wears angle length stone washed jeans. But after the meeting, there's a bar!

Justin and I signed up for Spanish class. It's Wednesday nights for 3 hours! Now that I'm actually paying (instead of pretend paying and then paying loans for 240 years), I love that class is so long. But will it really be better than Presidential Leadership or whatever horrible 3 hour sensory deprivation I endured in CAS, close enough to smell the School of Theology?

I've also convinced Justin to come to Shakespeare in the Park with me on Saturday night. More wine, I think. ;)

can i graduate?

All aboard the wayback machine. New albums this week from Third Eye Blind and Sister Hazel. Meet you at Warren for Late Night.

all that i want from you

Dear Matt, Jen, Jay, Megan and Elizabeth,

Hi pals! It's 8:16 AM on a Friday and I've been at work for 3 hours. I can shortly be found napping beneath my desk.

Guess who's coming to SF for my birthday? CLIVE OWEN. That's totally what I wished for last year! When I turn 31, I will expect Daniel Craig.

Matt and I are going to New Orleans for Halloween, if anyone would like to join us. Matt has conned the Starwood Hotels system into getting us some $69/night employee rate and 1/2 price drinks at the hotel. I don't think my Hermione costume can survive such an event. We're thinking about going as as a group costume - SHARK WEEK. I want a shark costume like Matt Malding wore to the freshman year party.

I can't be witty on 5 hours of sleep, so I will leave you with this video from the Shannon Millenium Collection. This makes no more sense now than it did then.

Miss Midnight Suki

magical bridge of hope and wonder


Charlie?! Who names a unicorn Charlie?!?! This video was made with Colorforms.

The concert was great. I sent you something to remind you of another old concert... check your mail this week. ;)

And have you seen this? If we'd had a video camera in college I think we'd have made something this genius. Kittens Inspired by Kittens.

Magical Leoplurodon

your head has a shell

Dear Elizabeth,

I'm going to see Better than Ezra tomorrow night. Do you think he'll give Concetta the microphone and let her sing a chorus?

Also, for your pseudo farm you should get this little horse. I promise I'd visit if you did.

Myles Standish

hocus pocus

Dear Elizabeth,

Good thing I'll be 30 by the time my parents get to the Villages again! What a relief.

I'm eating some certified cruelty-free organic turkey chili. Good thing I live in SF, and work right above a nice soup & sandwich place that screens all the farms and picks the happy animals for me to eat. I can never leave SF though. Or I'd have to go veggie. I even ate tofu the other night - but only in miso soup, which is kind of like cheating. It was still SO good, I'm considering it a small victory.

We are going to New Orleans for Halloween - what should I wear? Justin and I, Matt Danelo and his friend Mark from TX, and a few of our other SF friends. I was thinking I could be daisy Duke and Justin could be Bo or Luke, but he'll get drunk and go car hood-sliding and we'll all end up in jail. Think of ideas with limited felonious possibilities.

I have a screening of a scary movie tonight, and I'm making an intern go with me. I bet a press person writes in their review that "the publicist at the end of the row was crying in her popcorn." Wish me luck!